Jazz Festival Steyr - Up in the old Theatre

Do. 15.03.2018 - So. 18.03.2018
Altes Theater, A-4400 Steyr

Do. 15.03.2018 19.30: Vincent Herring's (USA) Soul jazz chemistry ft. Dave Kikoski
21.00: Karlheinz Miklin & Jazzorchester Steiermark (A)

Fr. 16.03.2018 19.30: Anna Lauvergnac Duo (IT/GER)
20.30: Harry Sokal 4tet (A/CZ)
21.30: Worry Later 5tet (A)

Sa. 17.03.2018 - Tschechischer Abend 19.30: Roberto Magris (IT) - Frantisek Uhlir (CZ) Trio feat Doro Jaburek
20.30: Milan Svoboda 4tet (CZ)
21.30: Kristina Barta (CZ)

So. 18.03.2018 10.00: Paul Schuberth & Victoria Pfeil (A)
ca. 13.00: Musikende

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Vincent Herring's (USA) Soul jazz chemistry feat. Dave Kikoski

Do. 15.03.2018, 19:30 Uhr

Vincent Herring (USA) - alto sax
David Kikoski (USA) - piano
Essiet O' Essiet (USA - double bass
Joris Dudli (AT) - drums
Über viele Jahre haben die Teams Herring/ Kikoski und Essiet/ Dudli eine besondere Chemie wenn sie miteinander spielen. Ihre neue Kooperation bringt swingenden und immer extrem souligen Jazz der heutigen Zeit hervor. Vincent ist ein Saxophonvirtuose mit einem einzigartigen und intensiven Sound. In den frühen 80er Jahren tourte er in Europa und den Vereinigten Staaten mit der Lionel Hampton Big Band und begann kurz danach ein 9 Jahre Engagement mit Nat Adderley. In weiterer Folge arbeitete er dann mit Cedar Walton, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Hayes, Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers, Horace Silver Quintet, Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition, The Mingus Big Band, Kenny Barron, Nancy Wilson und Dr. Billy Taylor. Als Gastsolist spielte er u. a. mit Wynton Marsalis at Lincoln Center und John Faddis mit der Carnegie Hall Big Band. Nebst diesen beeindruckenden Höhepunkten in seiner Karriere hörte Vincent jedoch nie auf, seine eigenständige Stimme zu entwickeln.

Während den 90er Jahren in New York stieg Dave's Karriere rasant an. Sowohl als Sideman als auch als Leader etablierte er sich neben Jazzgrößen wie John Scofield, Ravi Coltrane, Chris Potter, Dave Holland, Mike Stern, Chick Corea, Bill Stewart, Tom Harrell, Marcus Miller, Michael Brecker, Jack Dejohnette und vielen anderen. 2001 lud ihn Roy Haynes zusammen mit Dave Holland, Roy Hargrove and Kenny Garrett in seine All-Star Band ein. Bei diesem Projekt "Birds of a Feather" wirkten auch Christian McBride und Nicholas Payton mit und das Album ."Caribbean Jazz Project" wurde 2004 für einen Grammy nominiert.

Wie Vincent Herring war auch Bassist Essiet Essiet jahrelanges Mitglied bei Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. Essiet ist ursprünglich aus Nigeria und kam zog zuerst an die Westküste, dann aber Mitte 1980 nach New York. Auf der internationalen Jazzszene ist sein Name nicht mehr wegzudenken. Er spielte viele Jahre mit Abdullah Ibrahim- Dollar Brand, in Bobby Watson's Horizon, mit Billy Cobham, Bobby Hutcherson, Danilo Perez, Kenny Barron u v.a.

Joris Dudli konnte sich besonders während seines fast 10 jährigen Aufenthalts in New York vielschichtig musikalisch profilieren. Davor war er schon in jüngsten Jahren zuerst im Austopop und später mit dem Vienna Art Orchestra und dem Art Farmer Quintet etabliert. Es folgen unzählige Konzerte mit internationalen Musikern wie Benny Golson, Chicco Freeman, Johnny Griffin, Joe Henderson u.v. a. - 2002 war es auch mit dem Joe Zawinul Syndicate.

Karlheinz Miklin & Jazzorchester Steiermark (A)

Do. 15.03.2018, 21:00 Uhr

Karlheinz Miklin - saxes
Sigi Feigl - conductor
Michael Abene - arrangements

reed section:
Patrick Dunst - alto, soprano, flute, clarinet / Lisi Stiger - alto, soprano, flute, clarinet / Tobias Pustelnik - tenor, soprano, clarinet / Wolfi Schiefer - tenor, soprano, clarinet / Gernot Strebl - baritone, bass-clarinet / Oleksandr Ryndenko - baritone, bass-clarinet

trumpet section:
Mario Stuhlhofer - lead / Gerhard Ornig / Dominic Pessl - ass. lead / Karl Rossman / Markus Krofitsch

trombone section:
Reinhard Summerer - lead / Sascha Krobath / Mátyás Papp / Wolfgang Tischhart - b-trb.

rhythm section:
Fabian Supancic - piano, el-piano / Thomas Wilding - double bass, el-bass / Klaus Fürstner - drums
This is not my first CD entitled "Next page". After having played mostly in trio format I started to work in quartet with Fritz Pauer, Ron McClure and the drummers Victor Lewis, Adam Nussbaum und Billy Hart in the nineties – defenitely opening a 'next page'. Later I came back to play mostly in trio again, besides my ongoing work with Argentine musicians for decades. That Michael Abene proposed to write arrangements of my compositions means an honour and another very important next page for me. It puts me in an unusual context but Michael – a true master - succeeded in keeping the meaning of my songs and enriched them with beautiful sounds and colors. I would not have started this project without the support of my dear friend Sigi Feigl. His knowledge and dedication were indespensable to make everything happen. I hope you enjoy!
Karlheinz Miklin

My capacity for enthusiasm regarding big band music is unadulterated since my professional start in the early 1980's. And almost since then an intense musical collaboration with Karlheinz Miklin had been along my way. Doing workshops with my first "big band baby", the Big Band Süd, being my teacher and mentor at the Jazzdepartment in Graz and in the past years sharing the stage on bigbandish occasions once in a while. Therefore I'm extremly happy that it was possible – with the birth of another band - to bring this collaboration to another level. Performing and recording the music of Karlheinz Miklin with the handpicked and outstanding musicians of the brand-new "Jazz Orchester Steiermark" is a wonderful piece of luck. The icing on this cake are the magnificant arrangements of great Michael Abene – who did an amazing job in putting "Charlie's" very personal music into a big band context. Happy and proud in having been a part of this project!
Sigi Feigl

Listening to Karlheinz Miklin several times in small groups I got interested in his compositions, so the idea came up to arrange his music for big band. Doing that I had second thoughts . Here was this wonderful musician who has composed some very interesting music over the years but has very rarely been associated with big bands. Various sizes of small groups yes. The challenge I faced is to try to write the arrangements in such a way as to leave Karlheinz free to play as he would in a small group. His compositions can vary from the craziness of a Joltz's Waltz, Monk-key to beautiful melodies such as Para Pochin and Palomar. Hopefully I have accomplished this. This was a fun and challenging recording to work on and hope you enjoy the finished project.
Michael Abene, arrangements

Anna Lauvergnac Duo (IT/GER)

Fr. 16.03.2018, 19:30 Uhr

Anna Lauvergnac (IT) - lead vocals
Claus Raible (GER) - piano
For her new release Anna has chosen the most intimate and demanding of any musical line up: the duo. The dim lighting in the studio created a candle-light setting that enhanced the closeness of "being just two".
When the recording engineer asked them to play something to set the sound levels, after a moment of silent contemplation Anna suggested "How about Angel Eyes"? The song was not on their prearranged recording set list, just a beautiful composition they both know and love. "OK, let's try it in E-flat." replied Claus. After the last note faded out, the sound engineer asked "Would you please come to the control room and listen? There's something happening here…" The whole song had been recorded and it possessed the magic that only a first take can have: a combination of intensity, spontaneity, honesty and intuition.

The two musicians decided to abandon most of the planned material and embark on an extraordinary adventure: a recording built on instinctive interpretation and real time arrangements. It was a challenge that required not only profound music mastery but extraordinary sensitivity, two elements that allowed Claus Raible to envision and create some astounding on the spot arrangements.

Anna's interpretation of each song is instinctive and passionate and her dark and rich sound blends perfectly with the pianist's harmony and rhythm. Breaking out of the common pattern of accompanying a soloist, Claus's playing sounds like an orchestral work enhancing and surrounding Anna's melody lines. There is such a strong emotional connection between the two that you can feel and hear this bond in every breath, every word, every chord and every note. The distinctive trait of this duo and this beautiful album is grounded in the awareness of the jazz idiom and the freshness of authenticity and individuality. Indeed this recording required -and reflects- "passion, intuition, freedom, faith and some madness".

Diese CD ist wiederum nominiert für den Preis der dt. Schallplattenkritik.

Harry Sokal 4tet (A/CZ)

Fr. 16.03.2018, 20:30 Uhr

Harry Sokal (A) - saxes
John Armand (UK, A) - guitars
Martin Kocian (CZ) - double bass
Michal Wierzgon (CZ) - drums
"I remember Art" ist Harry Sokals neues Projekt und Album. Eine Hommage an den internationalen Jazz und den großartigen und unvergesslichen Art Farmer, in dessen Band Harry Sokal jahrelang führendes Mitglied war.
Mit "I remember Art" setzt Harry Sokal einmal mehr auf Österreichs lebendige Jazz-Szene mit einem Quartett überzeugender junger Musiker. Das Ergebnis ist ein ebenso energiereicher wie lyrischer Ansatz, die unvergessliche Musik seines Mentors und Freundes Art Farmer neu zu interpretieren.

Worry Later 5tet (A)

Fr. 16.03.2018, 21:30 Uhr

Daniel Nösig (A) - trumpet
Thomas Kugi (A) - tenor saxophone
Oliver Kent (A) - piano
Uli Langthaler (A) - double bass
Dusan Novakov (A/SRB) - drums
This jazz formation brings together one of the most active musicians of the Austrian and European Jazz-scene: WORRY LATER with Oliver Kent (p), Uli Langthaler (b), Dusan Novakov (d), Daniel Nösig (tp) and Thomas Kugi (ts) unites one of the best soloists. The repertory of this ensemble is mostly compiled by original compositions of themselves, which provide the basis for their outstanding personal statements and unique expressions in contemporary european Jazz music.
All together, this musicians, present a unique program and impress not only with their solistic highlights but also with the distinctive sound in this Jazz-formation. After long term engagements in all viennese Jazzclubs WORRY LATER is one of the most well-rehearsed groups and present themselves as an euphonic ensemble. Not only in their hometown they attract large audiences and have a continuing influence on contemporary jazz musicians.
WORRY LATER have played at jazz festivals throughout Europe as well as at International Jazz Festivals in the USA, Cuba, Israel, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Mongolia, Mexico, Tunesia, Ukraine, India, Nepal and South-Africa.
Everybody, who is into Jazz will love this band!

Roberto Magris (IT) - Frantisek Uhlir (CZ) Trio feat Doro Jaburek

Sa. 17.03.2018, 19:30 Uhr

Roberto Magris (IT) - piano
Frantisek Uhlir (CZ) - double bass
Jaromir Helesic (CZ) - drums
Special guest: Dorothea Jaburek (A) - vocals
Dieses Trio bilden der hervorragende italianische Pianist ROBERTO MAGRIS, der europäische Top-Bassist FRANTISEK UHLIR und JAROMIR HELESIC am Schlagzeug, ein Fixstern in der Prager Musikszene.Nach erfolgreichen Konzerten im Prag im Mai 2015, haben die Mitglieder dieses internationalen Trios auf der weiteren Zusammenarbeit beschlossen.
Das Programm vom THE TRIO MUH besteht aus Arrangements von bekannten Jazz-Standards und eigenen Kompositionen (Magris,Uhlir).

Roberto Magris geboren in Triest (Italien) im Jahr 1959 und begann seine Jazzkarriere in den 70er Jahren. Seit dem hat Roberto Magris 27 Alben aufgenommen und mit seinen eigenen Gruppen hat er viele Konzerte in 41 Ländern in Europa, Amerika, Asien, Afrika und Australien gespielt. Er ist bei mehreren Top-Jazz-Festivals und Jazz-Clubs in der Welt aufgetreten.( Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, The Blue Room in Kansas City, The Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles, Porgy & Bess in Wien, Unterfahrt in München, Agharta, Reduta und Jazz Dock in Prag, Muniak Jazz Club in Krakau, Jazz Club Gajo in Ljubljana, Half Note in Athen, Nardis in Istanbul, Bennetts Lane in Melbourne, Thelonious und Notorious in Buenos Aires, Montreal Jazz Festival, San Sebastian Jazz Festival, Ocho Rios Jamaica, Summer Jazz Krakow, Atlantic Jazz Festival Halifax, Galway Jazz Festival,Jazz in Hermitage Moskow, Jazzkaar Tallinn,Ecuador Jazz, Jazz en Lima usw).
Zwischen den Jahren 1998 und 2002 war Roberto Magris der musikalische Leiter des "Europlane Orchestra" in Trieste. Während dieser Zeit hat er mit dieser Gruppe 3 CD für italienischen Jazz-Label "Soul Note" aufgenommen.
Seit 2006, konzentriert sich in erster Linie seine musikalischen Interessen in den USA, wo er, als musikalischer Leiter und führender Musiker für "JMood Records", Jazzlabel der Kansas City geworden ist. Für "JMood" hat Roberto Magris bis diesen Tagen 12 CD´s mit Jazz Legenden wie Bassist Art Davis (John Coltrane), Albert "Tootie" Heath, Idris Muhammad, Sam Reed und vielen anderen Musikern aufgenommen. www.jmoodrecords.com

Frantisek Uhlir, ein Absolvent des Brünner Konservatorium Er gehört zu den großen Drei der Prager Bass-Schule: in einer Linie mit Miroslav Vitous und dem Urvater Georg Mraz. Er war lange Zeit Mitglied des Karel Velebny‘s SHQ und im Jahr1987 hat sein eigenes Band "Frantisek Uhlír Team" gegründet.Er hat mit zahlreichen internationalen Gruppen und Solisten gespielt, wie Dave Weckl, Scott Robinson, Benny Bailey, Phil Woods, R.Cole , Dusko Goykovich, Barbara Dennerlein, Wolfgang Haffner, Wolfgang Lackerschmid,Helmut.Kagerer,Franco.Ambrosetti, Danilo Moccia, Steve Houben, Philiph Catherine,Michel Hausser, Darko Jurkovic, Julie Siedl, Doro Jaburek, Alex Riel, Palle Mikkelborg.
Frantisek Uhlir trat bei den Konzerten und Festivals in ganz Europa, in Zypern, Izrael, USA, Kanada, Vietnam und Japan auf. www.fut.zde.cz

Jaromir Helesic, geboren 1947 in Uherske Hradiste lebt seit 1960 in Prag, wo er schon in vielen Jazzgruppierungen gespielt hat.Seit den 70er Jahren ist er einer der besten und meist gefragten Schlagzeuger des Landes.
Er kooperierte mit den Bands Impuls, Energit, L. Andrst, Jazz Q von M. Kratochvil, Prager Big Band, Milan Svoboda, Rudolf Dasek Trio.
Er trat bislang bislang mit unzähligen Künstlern in ganz Europa,USA und Indie und Amerika auf.

Here is our great recording from the very successful concert in the October 2016 on the Jazzfestival in Prague. Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsJU9zJk56U

Milan Svoboda 4tet (CZ)

Sa. 17.03.2018, 20:30 Uhr

Milan Krajíc - tenor and soprano sax
Milan Svoboda - piano, keyboards
Filip Spálený - bass
Ivan Audes - drums
Music of the Milan Svoboda Quartet is based on the modern jazz style of last century's sixties and seventies. It is also influenced by rock music, folkloric and contemporary classical music. Svoboda often weaves his compositions into longer theme-based suites, providing space for creative improvisation of all his band members. The Milan Svoboda Quartet has been performing throughout most of Europe, as well as the USA, Mexico and India.

The group played at numerous jazz festivals and produced the following records: "Open The Window Wide", "Dedication", "The Boston Concert", "Tonight-Tomorrow Morning", Milan Svoboda Q & Tony Lakatos, "Sign of Sagittarius", "Live at the Castle", "Moment's Notice" and "Late Harvest". The Quartet played at the prestigious first "European Jazz Night" festival in Vienna, which was broadcasted by the EBU television company all over Europe.

During the 35 years of its existence, the Quartet's lineup witnessed many changes, always featuring top Czech jazz musicians, including Michal Gera (tp), Aleš Charvát (b), Jaromír Helešic (ds), Ivan Myslikovjan (as) and Martin Lehký (b). In the short American period the group featured Greg Badolato (ts) a Aaron Scott (ds). The Quartet performs frequently with internationally renowned personalities, such as Tony Lakatos (ts), Sigi Finkel (ts), Jarek Smietana (g), Jiří Stivín (as) and many others. On occasion the group performs as a Quintet or Sextet. The present lineup of the Milan Svoboda Quartet is a hand-picked company of top-notch soloists, who are the first-call for the hottest Czech jazz projects. The Quartet's repertoire consists mostly of Svoboda's compositions complemented by his original arrangements of well-known jazz literature. The Milan Svoboda Quartet frequently plays at European music festivals and jazz clubs.
At present the Quartet also performs a special concert program featuring the classical cello virtuoso Jiří Bárta. The project has been recorded on a CD entitled "Sign of Sagittarius".

Website: www.milansvoboda.com

Kristina Barta (CZ)

Sa. 17.03.2018, 21:30 Uhr

Kristina Barta (CZ) - piano
Jan Feco (CZ) - bass
Marek Urbanek (CZ) - drums
Miroslav Hloucal - trumpet
Kryštof Tomeček - guitar
Kristina Barta, whose real name is Kristýna Bártová, was born in Prague in the Czech Republic. In 2015, she founded her own trio - Jan Feco on bass and Marek Urbanek on the drums. She recorded the first demo tape and with her own original arrangements, the famous song Autumn Leaves (J. Kosma) won the competition Jazz Prix 2015. The international jury composed of R. Dombrowski (German music journalist), G. Schroder (The US Attorney Kurland Agency ) and Rudy Linka (Czech jazz guitarist) took her distinctive and fresh approach to the arrangement, and to her own compositions. The trio has performed at the Bohemia Jazz Fest in Prachatice and Pilsen before the band Yellowjackets.

During the same year, a live recording of the bachelor concert by Kristina Barta was nominated by the Czech Radio as a member of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) in the prestigious European competition for young jazz projects Euroradio Jazz Competition 2016. The trio was chosen by the European Commission among the four finalists and Kristina Barta performed together with Jan Fečo and Marek Urbanek at the legendary concert hall Bimhuis in Amsterdam.

"Their music is a combination of jazz tradition and efforts to explore something new. The band sounds optimistic, after the periods of nervous or depressive modern jazz, perhaps, this is a new trend. Helped by the fact they are the young musicians who do not stick to the surface, but go directly to the essence of musical magic", says the editor of Czech Radio Vltava Vaclav Vraný.

In 2016 Kristina Barta won with her song "Find peace of mind" which was performed and written by her sister Martina Barta, a competition for the best jazz composition which is annually organized by OSA (Performing and Mechanical Rights Society).

Other activities and projects: Kristina Barta studied jazz piano at the Music Academy of Performing Arts in Prague under the guidance of prof. Karel Ruzicka and Vit Kristan. She teaches for several years at music schools in Prague. In 2016 Ratibořická Music School opened a new instruction branch in piano, focusing on jazz interpretation under her leadership. In Berlin, working with students Jazz Institute at the Universität der Künste.

EMA29 debut album was released in 2017 by Kristina Barta at the Austrian Alessa Records in cooperation with the Austrian promoter Peter Guschelbauer (among others in the years 2002 - 2007 he was the promoter of the Austrian Joe Zawinul). The steady trio - Barta, Fečo, Urbanek and the album expanded with distinguished guests. Trumpeter and composer Miroslav Hloucal, guitarist Kryštof Tomeček, saxophonist and producer Karel Ruzicka jr. and American vibraphonist David Friedman, a professor at the Jazz Institute in Berlin. In his life, David Friedman worked with musicians such as Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver and Chet Baker. He was a member of the New York Philharmonic and also taught at the Manhattan School of Music in New York.

"My development itself and the emergence of the album was documented by the leading Czech photographer Petr Krejci whose photographs are admired by people all over the world. He has exhibits in Seattle, Houston and Beirut. This uncompromising and decadent photographer reveals and underscores the interiority of music, which I am introducing to you", Kristina Barta.

Marek Urbanek (*1992) is a young and acclaimed jazz drummer in Czech Republic. Visit Urbanek's official website.
Jan Feco (*1990) is a great saxophonist and bassist in one person. Visit Feco's official website.

Paul Schuberth & Victoria Pfeil (A)

So. 18.03.2018, 10:00-13:00 Uhr

Paul Schuberth - accordion
Victoria Pfeil - saxes
Paul Schuberth galt in Steyr schon immer als "Wunderkind", er konnte Akkordeon spielen wie kein Zweiter.
Schon als 14-jähriger hat er als Highlight am Wiener Akkordeonfestival gespielt und damals seine erste Soloplatte veröffentlicht. Wohlgemerkt mit selbstgeschriebenen Kompositionen!
Er spielte in der Folge mit vielen österreichischen und internationalen Musikern und gründete einige Ensembles in Duo und Trio Formaten, wie zB das Trio Akk:zent, das Duo mit Atanas Dinovski und auch mit dem Geiger Tomas Novak, und veröffentlichte dabei 6 CDs . Jetzt fühlte er sich wiederum reif genug um eine weitere Solo CD zu veröffentlichen.

Dark side of sun ist eine Jazz CD mit world-musikalischen Einflüssen, die alleine schon dem Instrument innewohnen und Paul Schuberth zeigt uns in virtuoser Weise, wie man heutzutage mit diesem ja doch so lange geschmähten Instrument, außerhalb volksmusikalischer Anwandlungen, umgeht. 12 tolle Kompositionen zeigen, dass seine Kompositionsstudien auf der Bruckneruniversität in Linz seine Wirkungen zeigen. Paul wird 2018 sowohl solo als auch mit seinen unterschiedlichen Ensembles weltweit unterwegs sein.


Donnerstag: VVK EUR 25,00 - AK EUR 28,00
Freitag: VVK EUR 25,00 - AK EUR 28,00
Samstag: VVK EUR 25,00 - AK EUR 28,00
Sonntag: VVK EUR 10,00 - TK EUR 10,00
4-Tagespass:     VVK EUR 60,00 - AK EUR 70,00

Ermäßigung für Schüler und Studenten: 50 %

Kartenvorverkauf: in allen OETICKET Stellen sowie unter +43 (0)664 / 4158010 bzw. sounddesign@aon.at

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